We can comfortably engage in the risks we take because we maintain a clear focus that is founded in our strengths. 

Energy-Friendly Areas: We focus on areas where pioneers have already created an energy-friendly infrastructure - roads, pipelines, supporting businesses, and so on. And then we use our experts - in land acquisition, data analysis - to detect opportunity that the pioneers overlooked.

Operations Excellence: No matter how great the advance work in exploration and acquisition, it takes a whole new set of skills - and experience - to operate a well safely, profitably, efficiently, and in full compliance with rules and regulations. We have a team of people skilled in those operations.

Entrepreneurial: Privately and closely held and of moderate size, we do not have to follow the wisdom of the crowd or the latest twist in the marketplace. We can make decisions quickly, move rapidly to take advantage of market opportunity, and wait out market swings where we believe in our position.